Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ribbon Wrapped Headband Tuturial!

For a ribbon wrapped headband, you will need: a headband (I used a plain plastic base about 3/8 inch wide), about 40 inches ribbon (I used 5/8 inch wide black polyester ribbon), scissors, a fray stop solution (like fray check or fray stoppa), and Fabri-tac adhesive glue.

1. Apply fray stop solution to the end of ribbon and let it dry.  Apply glue to inside end of headband.
2. Position ribbon over glue and hold down until glue hardens.
3. Apply glue to out side of headband end.
4. Position ribbon over glue and hold down until glue hardens.
5. Wrap ribbon around back and then around front.  Start angling ribbon diagonally toward the center of the headband.  Make sure to overlap the ribbon edges!
6. Continue wrapping like so.
7. Continue wrapping to other end of headband.
8. Apply glue to the outside of headband and apply pressure until glue hardens.
9. Using your eye, measure the ribbon to find the perfect place to cut the end.  Apply fray stop to prevent fraying.  Let dry before applying glue.
10. Apply pressure until glue hardens.  And we're done!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

First Tutu!

I just whipped up this beautiful chiffon tutu!  It came out WAY smaller than I intended, but over all I'm quite happy!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Clothing Design A-Go-Go!!!

So I'm still honing my mad skills!  I just sewed up my cutesy 3 to 6 month baby pants!!  Totally cute and AWESOME!!!  I haven't finished the hem on the cuff, and elastic we'll just call a learning experience :)  But here we GO!!!
Check out those cute little darts!!!  Elastic waste band for perfect fit and easy diaper changes!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My First Pattern!

This is a baby dress size 3 to 6 months.  My own original design!  Yay!
This is the front piece!
This is the back piece!  Cut 2!
My completed dress front!
And the completed dress back! 

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Get Organized!!!

I like to be organized!  Here are some tips that have helped me!
 I bought these magazine folders from IKEA.  I bought 2 sets of 5.  I then covered them, using glue and cotton muslin.  They now look like this:
Each holder now houses a different type of pattern!  I have crocheted, knit, sewing, lace patterns and even copy and construction paper! 

 I have also made a few muslin tote bags!  These have appliques of their contents!  Each picture represents what you will find on the inside! 
These were SUPER easy to sew.  I eyeballed the size and construction.  Fast and easy!  Good luck with your organizing! 

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spider Bracelet Tutorial LAST PART!!

We'll start with the spider legs!

1. Attach a new thread and come out corner black bead.  Add two beads and sew through the corner bead and first bead strung.
2. Pull thread through.
3. Add two new beads and secure.  Repeat until you have a total of 5 rows of 2 beads.
4. Add 2 beads.  Now we're turning the leg!  Thread through 2 beads from last 2 rows.
5. Pull through like so and reinforce by sewing through a couple times.  Continue for a total of 4 rows.
6. Insert needle into the 4 silver bead.  Secure leg by sewing through black beads and single silver bead.
7. Secure thread and exit second black bead on same edge.  Add 2 beads.  Attach by sewing downward into adjacent bead.  Thread through first bead.
8. Add 2 beads and complete row two.  Repeat for a total of 5 rows.  Then repeat turned leg of first leg.
  9. Reinforce leg end by sewing through a couple times.
10. Complete all 8 legs!  Spider is finished!!  Yay!!  Now for the web!
11. Secure thread 2 beads below leg connection facing bracelet.  Add a generous amount of beads to reach the bracelet.  This will vary depending on your bead size.  In this example, I added 39.
12. Thread needle through the 8th bead from the center strip.
13. So back up the 7th bead from the center strip.
14. Sew through the newly strung beads.
15. Secure to original base bead.
16. Sew down 1/4 of strung beads.
17. Add some beads.  Will vary based on bead size.  I added 8.  Secure about in one bead about 1/3 below spider of the double chain.
18. Secure by threading through again.
 19. Thread back through and poke out the adjacent bead towards the bracelet band!
20. Add a few beads.  This will vary.  I added 23.  Sew down into the 4th bead from the double strand.
21. Sew back up to secure.
22. Secure in original bead!  Sew downward in double strand the middle 3rd of the double strand.
23. Add a few beads.  Will vary.  I added 6.  Sew through  middle of adjacent single strand.
24. Add a few more beads.  Will vary.  I added 9.  Secure about 2/3rds last single strand.
25. Sew back to intersecting strands.  Secure.
26. Reinforce and secure.  Repeat web on the opposite side!  And we're DONE!!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Spider Bracelet Tutorial Part 3!!!!!

This is a long one!  So get ready!  This is what your bracelet will look like when we're done this Part 3!
Step 1. Attach a new thread in the middle of the bracelet.  Secure it by sewing downward by 3 beads.
Step 2. Sew upward adjacent 3 beads and add 2 new beads.
Step 3. Sew downward 1 adjacent bead from where your thread exited.
Step 4. Sew back up 2 adjacent beads!
Step 5. Add 2 beads and sew downward 2 beads! 
Step 6. Then up 3 beads! Measure the length between your middle finger and your wrist.  Add 1 inch.  That is the total length of the chain from wrist to ring!  Continue beading this way for about half the measured length, then do 2 rows of black beads.
Step 7. Increase to the right side, with a black bead.  Secure it by threading through again!
Step 8. Sew through to left side.
Step 9. Increase by adding another bead!  Secure 1 more time by sewing through again!
Step 10. Add 2 beads and sew in second from left!  Sew up last bead of first increase row and first new bead adjacent bead.
Step 11. Add 1 bead and increase again!  Secure once.  Sew through so that thread comes out top of last bead of new row!

Step 12. Add 1 bead.  Secure it in place by sewing downward into adjacent bead on new row!  Sew back up newly added bead!  Repeat to end of row!  Continue for 6 rows of 6 beads.  Beginning each new row with 2 beads and adding 1 bead at a time!
Step 13. Now it's time to decrease!  Skip 1 bead on one side and add 2 beads.  Sewn down and up, then add 1 bead. Secure it and repeat 1 bead add once more!  For a total of 4 beads.
Step 14. Come up and out of 1 of the middle beads. Sew 1 more row of 2 black beads then switch back to silver.  Continue sewing 2 wide until piece reaches desired length!  Add 4 beads.
Step 15. Sew through the first and second beads.
Step 16. Sew in third bead as well.
Step 17. Add 2 beads and sew downward 2 beads.
Step 18. Sew up 3 beads.  Keep increasing by 2's until the ring reaches desired length.  HINT: make sure ring slips over your knuckle!!
Step 19. Now create a circle by attaching the ends together.  Sew through 3 anchor beads.  Make sure not to twist ring!  Make sure your beads are aligned!
Step 20. Sew in adjacent column 6 beads! Repeat securing! 
Step 21. Now Secure the ring to chain!  Poke out needle above chain.  Sew down in chain at least 2 rows!
Step 22. Sew back up the 2 adjacent beads in chain and 2 parallel beads of ring!  Repeat to secure!  And tie in loose end!  And we're done!!