Saturday, February 6, 2010

Spider Bracelet Tutorial Part 3!!!!!

This is a long one!  So get ready!  This is what your bracelet will look like when we're done this Part 3!
Step 1. Attach a new thread in the middle of the bracelet.  Secure it by sewing downward by 3 beads.
Step 2. Sew upward adjacent 3 beads and add 2 new beads.
Step 3. Sew downward 1 adjacent bead from where your thread exited.
Step 4. Sew back up 2 adjacent beads!
Step 5. Add 2 beads and sew downward 2 beads! 
Step 6. Then up 3 beads! Measure the length between your middle finger and your wrist.  Add 1 inch.  That is the total length of the chain from wrist to ring!  Continue beading this way for about half the measured length, then do 2 rows of black beads.
Step 7. Increase to the right side, with a black bead.  Secure it by threading through again!
Step 8. Sew through to left side.
Step 9. Increase by adding another bead!  Secure 1 more time by sewing through again!
Step 10. Add 2 beads and sew in second from left!  Sew up last bead of first increase row and first new bead adjacent bead.
Step 11. Add 1 bead and increase again!  Secure once.  Sew through so that thread comes out top of last bead of new row!

Step 12. Add 1 bead.  Secure it in place by sewing downward into adjacent bead on new row!  Sew back up newly added bead!  Repeat to end of row!  Continue for 6 rows of 6 beads.  Beginning each new row with 2 beads and adding 1 bead at a time!
Step 13. Now it's time to decrease!  Skip 1 bead on one side and add 2 beads.  Sewn down and up, then add 1 bead. Secure it and repeat 1 bead add once more!  For a total of 4 beads.
Step 14. Come up and out of 1 of the middle beads. Sew 1 more row of 2 black beads then switch back to silver.  Continue sewing 2 wide until piece reaches desired length!  Add 4 beads.
Step 15. Sew through the first and second beads.
Step 16. Sew in third bead as well.
Step 17. Add 2 beads and sew downward 2 beads.
Step 18. Sew up 3 beads.  Keep increasing by 2's until the ring reaches desired length.  HINT: make sure ring slips over your knuckle!!
Step 19. Now create a circle by attaching the ends together.  Sew through 3 anchor beads.  Make sure not to twist ring!  Make sure your beads are aligned!
Step 20. Sew in adjacent column 6 beads! Repeat securing! 
Step 21. Now Secure the ring to chain!  Poke out needle above chain.  Sew down in chain at least 2 rows!
Step 22. Sew back up the 2 adjacent beads in chain and 2 parallel beads of ring!  Repeat to secure!  And tie in loose end!  And we're done!!

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