Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spider Bracelet Tutorial LAST PART!!

We'll start with the spider legs!

1. Attach a new thread and come out corner black bead.  Add two beads and sew through the corner bead and first bead strung.
2. Pull thread through.
3. Add two new beads and secure.  Repeat until you have a total of 5 rows of 2 beads.
4. Add 2 beads.  Now we're turning the leg!  Thread through 2 beads from last 2 rows.
5. Pull through like so and reinforce by sewing through a couple times.  Continue for a total of 4 rows.
6. Insert needle into the 4 silver bead.  Secure leg by sewing through black beads and single silver bead.
7. Secure thread and exit second black bead on same edge.  Add 2 beads.  Attach by sewing downward into adjacent bead.  Thread through first bead.
8. Add 2 beads and complete row two.  Repeat for a total of 5 rows.  Then repeat turned leg of first leg.
  9. Reinforce leg end by sewing through a couple times.
10. Complete all 8 legs!  Spider is finished!!  Yay!!  Now for the web!
11. Secure thread 2 beads below leg connection facing bracelet.  Add a generous amount of beads to reach the bracelet.  This will vary depending on your bead size.  In this example, I added 39.
12. Thread needle through the 8th bead from the center strip.
13. So back up the 7th bead from the center strip.
14. Sew through the newly strung beads.
15. Secure to original base bead.
16. Sew down 1/4 of strung beads.
17. Add some beads.  Will vary based on bead size.  I added 8.  Secure about in one bead about 1/3 below spider of the double chain.
18. Secure by threading through again.
 19. Thread back through and poke out the adjacent bead towards the bracelet band!
20. Add a few beads.  This will vary.  I added 23.  Sew down into the 4th bead from the double strand.
21. Sew back up to secure.
22. Secure in original bead!  Sew downward in double strand the middle 3rd of the double strand.
23. Add a few beads.  Will vary.  I added 6.  Sew through  middle of adjacent single strand.
24. Add a few more beads.  Will vary.  I added 9.  Secure about 2/3rds last single strand.
25. Sew back to intersecting strands.  Secure.
26. Reinforce and secure.  Repeat web on the opposite side!  And we're DONE!!!

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