Saturday, January 23, 2010

Covered Headphones Tutorial!!! Part 1!!!

I have been macrame-ing for years!  So I've decided to share this easy stitch with you in this awesome tutorial!!  We're going to cover head phone wires with embroidery floss!  You'll need: scissors, embroidery floss (I'm using 2 colors), needle and head phones! 

Step 1. cut 1 yard length of each color floss.

 Step 2. Leave about an inch and a half tail hanging down like so.  Tie an overhand knot like below:

Step 3. Now do the same with your second color!  Make sure you cover the pink tail with your blue loop!

Step 4. Next we move the pink floss over the head phone wire, leaving a loop.  Like so:

Step 5.  Then pull the pink end through the loop!

Step 6. Now shimmy your loop up to the blue knot and tighten!  Make sure you tails are covered and don't bulge!

Step 7. Repeat steps 4-6 with the blue floss.  This is what it should look like!

HELPFUL HINT: if you want your knotted colors in two parallel rows, make sure that you knots line up under each other!  Otherwise, you can do a lovely twist around wrap instead!  Pics of the finished headphones, coming soon!

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