Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Headphone Wraps Tutorial Part 3 Splitting Threads

Hot tip!  When your wire meets a harsh angle, use masking tape to even out the base!  Just wrap around to smooth out the angles!

Step 1. Continue with alternating hitch knots to the end of the tape.

Step 2. Keep up the hitching!

Step 3. Next separate your ends to each wire.  Then add a new pink thread with an overhand knot underneath your blue thread on the single left side wire.  Remember to tuck in your ends! 

Step 4. Continue with original blue floss and hitch stitch.  Like so:

Step 5. Hitch stitch with pink floss on the right hand wire.  Continue the left hand wire until the end is reached.  Now add a new blue thread to the right side wire.  Continue to end.

Last Part we will tie in our threads and have a finished piece! 

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