Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Spider Bracelet Tutorial Part 1!!!!!

This is what we're making!! YAY!!  I designed this back in 2004!  Now I'm sharing it with you!  You will need: beading needle, thread (I use an all purpose thread, or you can use a nylon bead thread) seed beads two colors: Black and Silver or Clear (no particular size needed; just don't use super small ones!) button, clear tape, scissors.
Step 1. Thread needle with a 4ft length.  Wrap tape around thread leaving a 12 inch tail.  Thread on 11 beads.
Step 2. Insert needle into the eighth and ninth beads counting  from the right!  Like so:
Step 3. Pull gently but snugly!
Step 4. Insert needle into the two beads from left to right on the new row!
Step 5. Add a bead and insert needle in the seventh and eighth beads on the bottom row.  Like so. 
 Step 6. Pull gently but snugly.  Insert needle into the second and first beads.  Like so.
Step 7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 until you finish the second row!
Step 8. Add 2 beads.
Step 9. Insert needle in the fourth and third bead counting from the right.  Like this:
Step 10. Insert needle in the first 2 beads of the third row!
Step 11.  Continue building rows until piece measures the length of your wrist!  Sew in tails as your thread runs out, and add new threads as needed! 

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