Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Spider Bracelet Tutorial Part 2!!!!!

So we have our bracelet the length of our wrist!  Now it's time to add the button and loop closure!  We'll start with the Button side!
Step 1. Insert needle into the the first 5 beads of previous row.  Pull thread through!
Step 2. Insert needle into the fifth bead of the last row worked.  Make sure that your thread lies flat between the two rows!
Step 3. Add 3 beads, a button, and 3 more beads (you can increase or decrease number of beads to comfortably fill the gap between button holes!)
Step 4. Thread needle through parallel button hole.  Add 3 beads.
Step 5. Insert needle into the fifth bead of the bracelet base.  Make sure you insert your needle toward the tail thread.  Like so:
Step 6. Pull snugly.  Continue threading needle through the first 3 beads and through to an empty button hole.
Step 7. Add 3 beads and thread needle though the last empty hole!
Step 8. Sew down the 3 anchor beads, through the center (fifth bead of base), and back up through the adjacent three beads to the top of the button!
Step 9. Sew through the 3 beads and add a bead.  Sew through the next 3 beads.  Making a half circle.
Step 10. Add 1 bead and complete the circle.  Reinforce the threads by sewing through all these new beads and anchor base beads!  Repeat several times and sew in tail.
Step 11. Insert needle into 6 beads of previous row.  Pull snugly.
Step 12. Insert needle downward into the 3 middle beads of the last row.
Step 13. Add enough beads to comfortably loop around button.  Sew needle downward through the 3 middle beads again.  Pull snugly.  HINT: Don't make loop too large, because it might slip off the button while you're wearing it! 
Step 14. Reinforce threads by sewing through bead loop and anchor beads a few more times!  Sew in tail!  Congrats!  You have made a bracelet!!

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